Friday, 13 September 2013

Big Moments

It has been a big week for this Aussie family in Ottawa. Big moments for little people and the resolution of bureaucratic red tape for the big people.

The Youngest has started pre-school, two mornings a week and loves it. Mind you, it seems we are paying a lot of money every month for her to either paint or spend most of her time washing her hands. Still, she loves  her 'school' and has had no issues separating from me, and pretty much doesn't want to leave when it's time to go.

The Youngest's desire for independence grows daily, and many battles are fought when we leave the house, as to whether she goes in the stroller, or whether she walks. As I am rarely in a rush these days, she wins the battle for walking independence. The trade off being, she has to wear the monkey backpack.
 I know some people have an issue with these backpacks. I have had people comment to me 'nice dog', 'I like your dog'. I say choice words in my head to those people. They obviously have never walked busy streets with a strong willed, highly independent, stubborn toddler. It's not a leash. It's an anti wandering device. It works. This clip of Cam and Mitchell on Modern Family makes me laugh - the whole episode is worth watching, especially seeing Mitchell come to an appreciation of the "leash". 

The Eldest has also started school - full time, 5 days a week. She was so excited to start school, especially after her new playground friends all started school a week earlier. I loved her positive attitude as she got ready. 
"I must eat all of my breakfast, so my brain can work hard at school today. I have a lot to learn".
"Today is the best day. I am going to make lots of new friends."
This morning was not quite as positive: 
"I am going to wear my barbie top to school today."When told she had to wear her uniform, the foot stamped, and the ensuring comment "School is so unfair!", followed by a difficult morning of getting ready for school. 
Still, she skipped along the footpath all the way to school, excited to be heading back to her teacher (who knows EVERYTHING in the whole wide world) and the new friends she made yesterday. She looks so grown up. She is so ready for this new experience. She is desperate to learn and soaks up knowledge like a sponge. I am not quite so ready - still coming to terms with my little girl growing up so big...

It has taken a loooong time for us to get through the red tape of getting Canadian ID, licences, car registration and insurance. We frequently use the Little Britain term "computer says no". It has been endless frustration. BUT!! We now have everything sorted out, and we have all our ID and most importantly, we can drive our car. This has meant we were able to go and do some serious shopping (yay!) and also venture out of our neighbourhood to see some 'Canadian Stuff'. Both of us have mastered driving on the left side of the road and getting a geographical sense of our new city. To celebrate our new found freedom, we headed out to Gatineaux Park in Quebec, to a place called 'Pink Lake'. It's not actually pink (much to the disappointment of The Eldest) but beautiful nevertheless. It has boardwalk around the lake, and whilst we didn't walk all the way around, The Youngest climbed A LOT of steps and wore herself out completely. It was a great family day out. 

So, that's our big week. Little girls growing up big, and big people conquering driving on the other side of the road. 
*Big moments*
Jen xxx

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