Saturday, 27 September 2014

Our Maritimes Road Trip - Quebec #1

A few months ago, we began planning the first of our significant Canadian trips. A road trip out to New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia returning through Maine, New Hapmshire and Vermont. We chose this time of year, as Hubby and I both have a love of fall colours, and so we hope, that as we make our way we will see some of the best foliage that the Maritimes and the North Eastern States of the US can offer. We must be mad, taking two small children on a 4000km road trip with 15 nights in hotels. It'll either be great or ...not.  But it will be an adventure!

I don't know about anyone else, but I always find packing to go away one of the most intensely chaotic experiences. I write dozens of lists, find myself moving from one task to next like some mad blowfly buzzing around the room. Preparing for a two week road trip has left me feeling exhausted and frantic, and I am still yet to determine if I actually forgot anything. In order to pack for both of the girls, I had to go through a 'try this on and see if it fits' regime for every genre of their clothing. These children of mine respond to sunshine like they are weeds, and I swear they have both grown another 5 cm over the summer break. 

I barely slept on Thursday night with excitement. But not for the trip. No, instead I was excited for the imminent birth of my beautiful sisters 2nd child - another little princess for the family. So, Friday dawned with me thoroughly exhausted (but so very delighted with the news) and with half of what we needed packed. The other half was packed in my head but not reality. The saving grace was that both girls have school on a Friday, so I was able to frantically do most of the packing and cleaning of the house before Hubby arrived home with the hire car. 

All things considered, we were only 45 mins late for our 2pm departure, but it did mean we ran into this: 

which ended up not being anywhere near as bad as it could have been. We made good time, with only needing one stop for dinner (which I am loathe to admit was Mcdonalds and can only state it was with desperation not desire) we arrived in Quebec City 6 hours after leaving Ottawa.

Our hotel was in a fantastic location in Old Quebec, and despite the late hour, with a need to stretch our legs we headed out into the old town for a look around. It was a balmy evening, with only a few people around. Old Quebec is over 400 years old, and with its labyrinth of cobblestone lanes, stone buildings, alfresco dining, hanging pots and shuttered windows, it is like stepping into a European city.  It was charming and magical and I am so glad we took the time to walk around such a beautiful location in the evening and not waited until the morning. 

Jen x

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