Thursday, 18 July 2013

A bit of Inner Goddess

Over the past three weeks, I have had a lot of comments 'you are looking really well!'
There are a few reasons for why this is true.

Firstly, I really wasn't looking after myself. I did look like a really tired, worn out, aged version of my pre-child self. I got into the rut of too-busy Mumma and let myself go. I thought I looked ok, until I found a passport photo if myself from 2004. I looked...young. And like I had had a thousand hours of sleep. I'll admit it - I thought I looked good.

So, I began a mini makeover. Firstly I went out and bought make-up. Make-up.

And then, I actually made an effort to find some time to apply it. It is amazing, how that simple act, made me feel good. I know that many people would think that's wrong - I should be worshipping the inner goddess within or something. Being au naturale. But I am saying it loud and proud - makeup makes my inner self feel good.

I spent three months growing out my eyebrows. You can imagine the look I got from Hubby when I said that - along with the confused shake of the head, the mumbled comments of confused questioning 'chicks....' And then I got those hairy caterpillars waxed - and now they match. My inner self began feeling a little bit more goddessee.

And now, now I am at the hair salon. Getting my hair coloured and cut. For me, a momentous, and over the past four years, rare occurrence.

And it feels great.

For a few moments at least, I find myself not consumed with my seemingly endless lists and paperwork. I am not thinking of my frustrations with e-tax and a very unexpected tax debt. I am not thinking about the fact that we haven't sold our car. I am not thinking about the fact that my Masters started this week and I have yet to do anything other than logon and see how many conscientious people are already forum-discussing/blog-posting.

No, I am admiring the hair colour of the hair dresser doing my hair. As I have a colour marinating on my head right now, it's a little too late to say 'I want your hair' - especially as the bold foils should be done first. Damn. But I do comment on her hair, and let her discuss at length how she can achieve that look for me next time. We bonded over a mutual love of chocolatey warmth with cherry highlights.

But alas, then there was a very awkward parting of ways. I had to severe that new bond, the one where my hairdresser thought she had nabbed that elusive prize - the returning new and very satisfied customer.  I had to confess  - 'actually, I'm not coming back'.

But not because of the hair cut. The haircut is feeling quite goddessee indeed.

Now I feel like someone who can legitimately saunter (yes I plan to saunter) up to Business Class and sip my champagne while the lower classes board their cramped flight accommodations.

10 days and counting...

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