Sunday, 28 July 2013

Saying Goodbye

When I look at The Youngest, with a mass of golden curls, confidently navigating her way around the iPad or iPhone, I know that two years is a relatively short amount of time. Two years ago we had just moved into our house. The Youngest was 4 weeks old. And now, two years later she walks, runs, holds conversations and pretty much tries to run our family dictatorship style...

So I know that the next two years are going to fly by, and before I know it, the removal people will be unpacking the boxes and furniture that they just packed up. And I will be saying hello to all the people I have been saying goodbye to. 

Some goodbyes have been harder than others. The goodbyes that signal an end to a phase of our lives that we won't return to. Today, the girls ended a 2 and a half year association with their childcare  centre. There were tears, from me and from their teachers. These wonderful educators have nurtured, taught and loved my girls. They have delighted in their milestones. They have been a part if the 'village' that has helped to raise my children. We have been so lucky in the care and love shown to our children. I will be for ever thankful, that although I didn't have the luxury of being a Stay At Home Mum, my girls had the most wonderful opportunities given to them. Goodstart Isaacs - we will miss you. 

Other goodbyes have not been so hard - because they are not really goodbyes - more farewells and Bon Voyages. The goodbyes said to friends who will still be there, even though I will so far away. It has been hard to see everyone, and there are many treasured friends we did not have a chance to say goodbye too. Such was the frantic nature of our last three weeks.

But the hardest goodbyes have been to our families: those amazing people who are there for us through everything, with whom we share everything, and who are absolutely everything to us. Missing two years of our nieces and nephews growing up, our daughters missing two years of extended family life, is a hard thing to come to terms with.

Thankfully, we are better off than when I moved to the UK 14 years ago. Now we have Skype and face time and vyber. So see you in two years has become see you on the computer. Still.  I'm going to miss them all so much.

Most of all, I am going to miss my dog. Barney Boy, my furry child, who has no way of knowing where I am and when I  coming back. That's the bit that's breaking my heart. I love you fella.  Just for you little one, I hope the two years fly. 

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