Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Wonder of Apples

So, my little blog has been neglected for the past few weeks. I wish I could say it's because we have living the jetsetting lifestyle: visiting NY City, the Rockies and a quick trip across to Europe.
Alas, it was because of none of those and because I had 3000 words to write for uni. 3000 words that sucked every ounce of the desire to write out of me. I have had uni assignment hangover. That, and the need to catch up on three weeks worth of housework - I reckon I am still 2 weeks short - but at least everyone has clean clothes, folded, and in their wardrobe. I even ironed some of hubby's work shirts!

Even though I was busy with assignments and keeping the household semi ticking over, we have still managed some great family activities.

A couple of weekends ago, we drove out to the Orleans Fruit Farm to do our very own apple picking. Equipped with our own apple picking tool, and a plastic bag, we wandered through the orchard, plucking fresh McIntosh apples off the trees. We managed to load ourselves up with quite a large bag, which has resulted in my learning how to make apple hand pies.


Jen xxx

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