Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Wonder of Pumpkins

You have to hand it to the Canadians. They know how to celebrate each season as it arrives. The shops here are decked out in fall colours and decorations and everyone is celebrating the pumpkin.
Pumpkins everywhere - pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin chai. We have bought our lovely big pumpkin and are going to start researching how exactly to carve it for Halloween.

Yep. The mighty pumpkin is well loved over here.

We discovered an event, in its 2nd year, called Pumpkinferno held at historic Upper Canada Village, an hour south of Ottawa.

Upper Canada Village: Pumpkinferno

Now to set the scene - these are not real pumpkins. Real pumpkins would have decayed way before the display was set up. So it was 6,000 realistic, artificial pumpkins that were hand carved by a group of young artists here in Ontario, over the past 15 months.

We arrived at 5pm, thinking we could have a look through the village before Pumpkinferno began at 7pm. We were wrong. However, we were not wrong to arrive that early. We lined up at 6pm, with roughly 30 people in front of us. We entered at 6:45, and by the time we left at 7:45, there would have been a few hundred people lined up to enter, plus another few hundred cars lined up along the highway to enter.

It was pretty wow. I am just glad that we got there early!!
Here are some photos of some of what we saw, plus a video at the end.

Enjoy the wonder of the pumpkin!
Jen x

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