Thursday, 2 January 2014

Blue Days

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere right now, I want you do something for me. Right now, I want you to go outside, sit in the sun. Close your eyes and soak in the gorgeous feeling of sunlight and vitamin D soaking into your skin. Soak it up and then send it my way.

I really miss the warmth of the sun. The sun shines here at lot. It is bright and glare-y when it shines, and the sky is a beautiful blue and when you look out the window and see that beautiful blue sky and the sun shining you ache to be outside. It is an incredibly strong compulsion. I must go outside.

Except you don't. Because to go outside involves making sure you have at least 3 long sleeve layers - one of which must be a warm warm jumper. You need to wrap a very long scarf strategically around your neck, in such as way as to enable quick coverage of your mouth and nose. You need a took (beanie) and good gloves or mitts. You need to make sure you have thermal leg wear, or at least tights under your jeans. Warm socks. Then it's time for the -40 degree rated jacket and boots. By the time you have done all of this, you are sweating from heat, as this must all be accomplished while still inside your lovely insulated warm house.

Oh I forgot the part about having gone through all of these steps with each child, one of which frequently removes each piece of outerwear as quickly as it goes on, usually with a very loud 'I don like this'.

So three hours after having decided to go outside, you finally step out into that beautiful blue day, only to be blown away by how freaking cold it is. You see, the beautiful blue days are the really really cold days. The -27 but feels like -38 degree days. To this Australian who loves blue days and the feel of the sun on my skin, it is deception at its worst. It is the ultimate betrayal.

Your eyes start watering, and your eyelashes start freezing. Your nose runs excepts you don't know it, because you lost your face as soon as you left the house. It is cold unlike anything, anything I have ever felt in my life. It is cold beyond all ridiculousness.

And as much as we want to make the most of the outdoorsy stuff available when it snows, it is not enjoyable when it is that cold. For anyone.

So we are hibernating, living vicariously through the summer adventures of friends on Facebook.

And hoping for a bit of warmth. On Sunday is will only (only) be minus 5.  Bring it on!

J x

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