Tuesday, 14 January 2014

FMS Photo A Day Week 2

So here are the snappy happies from FMS Photo a Day week 2.

8/365: Lucky Number:
These are NOT my lucky numbers. I don't know that they are anybody's lucky numbers. This photo was taken back in December, before our current heat wave (above zero people!) that is causing a midwinter thaw and the feeling that we should all be out in our t-shirts grabbing a tan.

9/365: Natural:
This photo was taken on Christmas eve. We opened the blinds in The Youngest's room, only to discover the most beautiful set of enormous icicles hanging from the roof. Unfortunately, our midwinter thaw has reduced them to nothingness.

10/365: Manmade:
This beautiful Christmas bauble is hand painted, and was bought for my by Hubby a few years ago, when he was on a work trip to Canada, not knowing that the future held the opportunity to live here for two years.

11/365: Looking Down:
I had to add 4 photos for this one! These photos are from our December trip to Lake Placid. These are the Olympic ski jumps. It is unbelieveable how high these jumps are, and how far the skiers fly through the air. Looking down the jump makes the ground seem a lot closer than it really is.

12/365: Colourful
These Babuska dolls are painted in an alley a block from our house. A lovely splash of colour in a world of white and grey.

13/365: Makes me smile
Yes, we do own furniture - and quite comfortable furniture at that. But apparently, not nearly as appealing as watching the ipad in a box.

14/365: 3 Things
I saw these three roses on the outside window sill of a local florist. So lovely to see flowers in the middle of winter.

Jen x

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  1. Love your photos Jen and glad you found some nice colour amongst the grey and white! Have a great week!
    Love Kim x