Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The end of the Thaw and FMS Photo A Day Week 3

The mid-winter thaw is well and truly over and we are back to the unbelievably cold weather. -27 degrees today with a wind chill of -34. It just is a ridiculously silly kind of cold. On arrival at The Youngest's school this morning, I unwound my scarf to discover the outside of it was covered in ice.
Like I said. Ridiculous. And yet, there I am everyday, walking two kids to and from school, rugging up and rugging down several times a day. Ridiculous.

It has become obvious, that the scarf was not invented as a stylish neckwear fashion item. Someone living in Canada, way back when, worked out that if you have a really long piece of material - preferably woollen, and wrap it twenty times around your noggin, you have some chance of still having a nose and maybe also some lips by the time you get home.
It's the kind of cold where after just a couple of minutes, you have prickles running up and down your legs, your eyelashes freeze together, your nose runs non stop, you feel like you are breathing in icicles.

And yet - it is very invigorating and there is no way you leave the house feeling like you haven't woken up yet! Fortunately, the girls are well kitted out and have finally (in the case of The Youngest) accepted the current clothing situation. It's still shite trying to get into all the outerwear every morning, but slowly, ever so slowly, we are getting the hang of it.

I love this photo of The Eldest. She is my little pink ninja! Rugged up and warm, she is enjoying walking home with me in the snow. As I lamented to her how cold it was, and how I couldn't feel my face, she turned to me and smiled (well I think she smiled under that neck warmer) and said 'But, Mum. This is Canada. It just is this way.' Ah so true, little one. So true.

And so, on to this week's set of photo's.

15/365: Black and White
This photos was not taken this week. I took this photo in December on our trip through New York State.
After leaving New York City, we decided to drive through Sleepy Hollow.
It was late morning when we arrived. It was the perfect day - foggy, misty, quiet. There was hardly any traffic and we saw no people.
This statue was on the main road and pretty much sums it all up - the headless horsemen and his jack-o-lantern head.

16/365: Sun
I couldn't choose between 3 pictures for this one - so three pictures you shall have.

You can't tell in this photo, but it was starting to snow. We had just walked up to a friends place, and although the sun was trying to shine through, the snow won.

 This photo was taken on the Rideau Canal. It has reopened after the thaw, and The Youngest was desperate to go ice skating. She only lasted 5 minutes, but even though she couldn't manage any shuffles, she did get to the point of being able to stand up and balance.
I decided to put her back in the Chariot and skate for 5 minutes while she ate her lunch. But then she fell asleep in her little cocoon, under the weather shield and blankets. Despite how cold it was, I skated on for half an hour, before having to go home and recover feeling to all parts of my body.

Cold as I was, I was struck, as I always am, but just how beautiful this frozen canal is.

On the way home from school each day, the sun is in the process of starting to set, such are the short days of winter. Even though the days are starting to get longer, you can see how close to sunset this is at 3:45pm.

17/365: Tiny

A tiny piece of colour in amongst the snow.

18/365: Happy Place

For The Youngest, one of her happy places is playgroup with her two little buddies, Master L and Master N.

It is also one of my happiest places - coffee and chat with my girls.

19/365: Breakfast
Coffee. No breakfast is complete without one.
We have had to learn to settle for Nespresso, which in the scheme of things, we are lucky to have. Anyone who knows us well, knows that we are really really missing coffee from home.
It is hard to understand the Canadian obsession with Tim Horton's coffee (and I apologise profusely if I offend) because although it is not quite as bad as 'squirrel wee' as it has been described by a fellow Australian, it is not far off the mark.

Oh, for a Bertoni's coffee right now.


20/365: To do list

Uni. Uni. Uni.

This is a constant to do list in my head. I can't quite fathom how incredibly difficult it is for me to
a) get any study done with  two children at home with me
b) get any study done with one child at home with me
c) get any study done with no children at home with me
d) get any study done.

Really, I just like reading the books.

21/365: Blue

I found this one a challenge, until I was walking down our main street and noticed these lights above one of the stores. I have never noticed them before, but here they are. 4 blue lights.

Funny how having a daily prompt, encourages you to see things you would never really see.

And that folks, is it in a nutshell from me.
I hope all in Oz are coping ok with the heat, and all you Northern Hemisphere residents are keeping warm in the cold.

J x

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